Don't just settle for working from anywhere, settle for working LESS!

Online Entrepreneurship isn't about being able to work from anywhere, it's about working less & more efficiently so that you can ENJOY being anywhere. 

How many times have you said you were stepping away for the weekend and posted a proud story of how you were working in the car on the way to your destination. 

Or, how many times did you find yourself listening to voxer messages while lounging by the beach, etc. 

Of course - if you love your work, these things don't seem odd. They seem just a part of the life that you're building. 

But eventually - you will realize that those actions - they aren't true freedom. 

That's not building a schedule with intentionality. 

That's not fully enjoying the free reign your business can really offer you. 

Let me explain how this manifested in my life when I first started Samphillco - I was able to afford these fancy vacations with family, but I wound up having to work the whole time, catching zoom calls in hotel lobbies or finalizing project work at Starbucks in the airport. 

I thought this was actually exciting - I thought it was so fun and such a privilege to be able to work from anywhere. It was like this badge I wore that made me feel like I officially made it. 

But then - then I realized, the places I went to - I never got to really see. I didn't ever get a chance to really rest & be still. I was overfilling myself with work. Not putting down boundaries. Keeping my capacity high but feeling like I could take care of things from anywhere. 

And then I realized - this isn't what I wanted. 

I wanted to be truly free. To be able to take a 4 day weekend vacay and not have to "do work on the way" or check in at another time. 

I wanted to be able to fully step away with that amazing feeling that all of my work was done and all of my clients were supported. (What a rush yall)

So....I implemented three things to give myself a business that allowed me to do just that. 


1️⃣ Narrowed in on my true capacity - before, I didn't really know how many clients I could serve in the time I wanted to work. Before I knew it, I had 10 clients on the roster with full time packages. I calculated exactly the amount of hours I had + the time I had from my team and was able to get really clear on what my capacity actually looked like - three clients is my golden number. 

2️⃣ Implemented non Lazy hours in my schedule - Let me be clear - that Taurus lazy energy is real sometimes y'all. I realized my energy flows in shorter spurts, so I split the hours I was committed to working clearly across my schedule and limited times I would take calls. I prioritized project work over calls (no one needs to be on the phone for hours a day) and had dedicated spurts of 2-3 hours of work instead of full 8-10hour days. I got so much more work done & higher quality because my brain could focus.

3️⃣ I systematized everything I do in clients' businesses - I created templates and streamlined systems for every single type of project I took on in clients' businesses so those activities would take me less time. These are not client-facing systems, but my own systems for how I tackle their work. If there are new aspects to projects I'm completing, I create a new system and any needed templates as I go and organize them for quick future access.

These three things are the core of how I'm able to work less and play more. The fourth thing is the KEY to how I was able to make these three things happen and I'll be sharing that fourth one with you in a post tomorrow! 😉

But in the meantime, I want you to think critically about something - are you truly getting freedom in your business or is it only imaginary?


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