Don't just settle for working from anywhere, settle for working LESS!

Online Entrepreneurship isn't about being able to work from anywhere, it's about working less & more efficiently so that you can ENJOY being anywhere. 

How many times have you said you were stepping away for the weekend and posted a proud story of how you were working in the car on the way to your destination. 

Or, how many times did you find yourself listening to voxer messages while lounging by the beach, etc. 

Of course - if you love your work, these things don't seem odd. They seem just a part of the life that you're building. 

But eventually - you will realize that those actions - they aren't true freedom. 

That's not building a schedule with intentionality. 

That's not fully enjoying the free reign your business can really offer you. 

Let me explain how this manifested in my life when I first started Samphillco - I was able to afford these fancy vacations with family, but I wound up having to work the whole time, catching zoom calls in...

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