You’ve done the hard part.


You’ve decided you want to host an in-person event for your audience and now…’re wondering where to even start.


There’s the vendors, the venue, the itinerary, the actual event assets. But, there’s so much more - there’s the guest journey, the experience of the guests, the vendors, your team, and YOU get to go on throughout the event planning process. doesn’t have to feel overwhelming or make you pull your hair out.


Allow us to serve you throughout your entire event journey!


Get Your Event On The Books!

As with every service we offer here at LUXIO, we take event management extremely seriously as your event is an extension and embodiment of your brand.


That’s why when you work with our event management team, we completely integrate into your company to become strategic partners and implementers throughout the entire process. 

We desire to know you, know your brand, know your mission, and help you translate that into a live tangible event that will fully serve your clients and entice your audience to say “when’s the next one!”

Get ready to have your event completely done for you.

Vision Mapping & Strategy

Where the dream of the event is actualized. 
This is where we partner together to discuss the entire vision for the event including, but not limited to the transformation for guests, the experience required to get that transformation, the experience of serving (for you & the guests), foundational Pillars the event should be structured upon, the meaning behind the event, complete event scope.

Budget & Financials

Together, we will be Going through overall sales plus initial cash to compare budget of the event with the desired profit margin. The Events Manager will also be budget tracking & securing financial updates throughout the entire process.

Vendor Management

The events management team will be completely supporting you throughout the vendor management process including: researching and conducting interviews, negotiating for services, and keeping vendor communication prior to and post event.

Participant Management & Communication

The events management team also assists with guest management and communication to include: ensuring contracts are signed, questionnaires and event updates are sent / completed, all guests have direct communication with the team throughout event travel.

Itinerary & Event Asset Creation

The events management team also takes care of all event assets creation. Our team works with a fabulous designer who helps create workbooks, slide decks & presentations, event branded forms & PDF informational documents, social media components if needed and any back-end tech that may be required throughout the event (this is for clients who may not have a full blown team or time to have used for their event).

Onsite Event Management 

(Management would be done by Samphillco Project Manager & Assistant (Team)

Onsite management includes complete management of the event from initial set-up of the event space (finalizing gifts, ensuring all required items are present, checking in with all vendors, etc) to game day management (protecting the CEO / Client Time, ensuring itineraries are adhered to, managing guests, managing vendors, handling emergency or last minute issues, social media marketing gathering).

Clean Up

Clean up includes ensuring all guests leave the event safely, any clean up / breakdown of equipment & supplies is completed, and any checkout requirements for the event location are finalized.

Post Event Assessment

Following the event, the events management will conduct a thorough assessment of the event success and will provide a event wrap up call in which you will go over the Post-Event Debrief report.

  1. Click any button on this page and be directed to our Event Management Interest Form. Please take a few minutes to provide us with necessary details regarding your event and then submit.
  2. After receiving your form, we will email you a quick booking link to book a 25 minute Project Discovery Call with Samantha to go over all your event details and answer any questions you might have. 
  3. After the Project Discovery Call, you will receive a custom proposal from Luxio with further booking information!